Dear Michael

Well done, you have reached this point and it must be satisfying that the book is on the public shelf.

You can't get by without websites these days. This site needs revising in the context of your website and might be connected by a link.  I will put in a link to your site.

It will be revised vis a vis the book when I see it and in conjunction with you.


This is just the start and you may decide to pick a different system. Yola is free. 

I have given you a rubric and you can learn how to vary it.  You'll need to add content, page titles etc. 

Pompey product

Describe what courses etc were available, the HCI, City and Guilds etc, life as a student  ....

Pompey output

Some of its students.


Nobody can see this site unless they have been given the link.  More later.  When published, you hide this page.

Logging in

Open another tab and paste this website URL in to see this page again.

Go to Yola.   Enter your email address.  Password Arthur.

Explore the sitebuilder and then produce a list of questions if needed.  Good luck.


I'm delighted a book is on its way and thank you.  I hope you haven't printed a lot of the A6 leaflet. 


It is spelled           browser.


Not many recipients will type the URL.

You need something like  and I'll tell you how to obtain it if needed.


I anticipate you have thought of an item in the Caterer and Hotelkeeper and similar mags.  You can't start without 2 above.

I have various ideas but let's do one thing at a time.


Your leaflet

It's a mess. Remove the title and A biography etc. Put it above the box.

Reconsider the infill colour.  It's too strong.


If restyling the leaflet, no apostrophe attached to students.  You won't need the word browser as you'll say


Put       into Google.


Bye for now.



14 Dec


3 Jan


Have removed this from the Overview page

Prelim notes

It's far too long.  At least break up the paragraphs.  Begin with max five bulletpoints on what to expect.